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Laser Engraved Signs


We laser cut intricate graphics and lettering for indoor and outdoor signage. Precise reproduction of font and logos is possible. Laser engraved signs can be used in many applications such as door signs, office signs, name signs , advertising signs, control panels and mimic boards

Materials suitable for signage engraving include;




laser engraved maker's plate

laser engraved maker’s plate

anodised aluminium laser engraved plates

Anodised aluminium laser engraved plates

Valve Tags, laser-engraved for durability.

Valve Tags, laser-engraved for durability.

slate engraving, Kilkenny

1916 commemorative slate engraving designed by artist Blaise Smith & engraved by Circle Laser, Kilkenny.

laser engraved signs




school signs, raised lettering, laser cut, Ireland

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Circle Laser Signs